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The VA loan calculator below provides estimated monthly mortgage payments with a VA loan.

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Enter your annual income before taxes. Self employed? Average the last 2 years.

If applicable, enter your monthly basic allowance for housing (BAH). 2024 BAH Calculator

Enter the monthly total you pay for debts like car payments, credit card minimums or student loans. This does not include current rent or mortgage payments.

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Property taxes are generally estimated to be 1.2% of the home's value, but may vary based on your location. Your Loan Officer can help you determine property tax rates in your area.

Annual homeowners insurance is typically 0.35% of the home's value but can vary based on insurer.

Legal Disclaimer

The information provided by the CrossCountry Mortgage calculator is for illustrative purposes only and its accuracy is not guaranteed. The values and figures presented are hypothetical and may not reflect your individual circumstances. It is essential to consult a financial professional before relying on the results derived from this tool.

This calculator is not capable of pre-qualifying you for any mortgage or loan program. Qualification for mortgages or loans requires additional details, such as your credit scores and existing debts, which this calculator does not collect. Information such as interest rates and pricing are subject to change at any time without notice. All data provided, including interest rates, taxes, insurance, and monthly mortgage payments, are only estimates and should be utilized for comparison purposes only. CrossCountry Mortgage does not guarantee the accuracy of any information obtained through this calculator.

A home price up to
would be affordable with this budget.

DTI (Debt to Income ratio) is the ratio of your major monthly debt payments to your gross monthly income. With VA loans, a DTI ratio greater than 44 percent can require closer scrutiny. Veterans should find a balance that works for them and their goals.

Monthly Budget Breakdown:

  • Monthly Income $0
  • Mortgage Payment $0
  • Debt Payments $0
  • Remainder $0

This is your remaining gross monthly income after making your major monthly debt payments, including the new mortgage. For the purposes of savings and additional expenses, remember this is a pre-tax figure that doesn’t reflect your monthly net income.