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VA Renovation Loan Guide for Texas Veterans 

A VA renovation loan is an excellent opportunity for Texas veterans, active-duty service members, and eligible surviving spouses in Texas to finance the purchase a home while also funding necessary repairs, improvements, or updates. This special loan wraps the mortgage and renovation costs into one, streamlining the financing process for Texas veterans in order to purchase a home and make the needed repairs all within one loan. 

Understanding VA Renovation Loans for Texas Veterans 

What It Covers: For Texas veterans, the VA renovation loan can finance a wide array of renovations from essential structural repairs to cosmetic updates like kitchen remodels or energy efficiency upgrades, ensuring homes across Texas can be tailored to meet their owners’ needs and preferences. 

Advantages for Texas Veterans: The loan offers several benefits to veterans, including no down payment, no requirement for private mortgage insurance (PMI), competitive interest rates, and financing up to 100% of the home’s post-improvement appraised value, subject to VA loan limits and lender approval. 

Eligibility: To qualify, Texas veterans need a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) from the VA, proving they meet the service criteria. This includes service duration and discharge conditions, aligning with the broader VA loan eligibility requirements. 

Steps for Texas Veterans Obtaining a VA Renovation Loan

  • Secure Your COE: Texas veterans start by obtaining their Certificate of Eligibility. This foundational document is essential for progressing with any VA loan application.
  • Find a Suitable Lender: As VA renovation loans are specialized products, Texas veterans need to locate lenders offering these loans within Texas. It’s crucial to discuss your project, financial situation, and to understand each lender’s specific requirements and terms.
  • Select a Licensed Contractor: The success of a renovation project hinges on choosing a reputable contractor. In Texas, veterans should look for licensed contractors who meet VA standards and are willing to navigate the lender’s approval process.
  • Detailed Project Estimate:Your chosen contractor must provide a comprehensive estimate for the renovation, detailing costs and schedules. This estimate is part of your loan application, reviewed by the lender.
  • Appraisal and Loan Approval: The lender will arrange for a VA appraisal to assess the home’s value pre and post-renovation. This step ensures the proposed improvements justify the loan amount and increase the home’s market value.
  • Closing the Loan: Upon loan approval, Texas veterans proceed to closing. Renovation funds are usually placed in an escrow account, released in stages as the project hits certain milestones.
  • Commence Renovations: With the financials in place, the renovation work can start. Funds are disbursed from escrow based on completed work, inspected and approved at each stage.
  • Final Inspection and Project Completion: The completion of renovations leads to a final inspection, ensuring all work aligns with VA guidelines and the project proposal. Following approval, any remaining funds are applied to the principal loan balance.

Key Considerations for Texas Veterans

  • Project Timeline: VA renovation projects may extend beyond typical loan timelines due to the additional steps of securing contractor approval and completing inspections.
  • Lender Specifics: Texas veterans should note that lenders may have distinct requirements regarding allowable renovations, contractor selection, and project timelines.
  • Budgeting for Overruns: It’s prudent to anticipate potential cost overruns. Discuss handling such scenarios with your lender ahead of time to avoid surprises.

Key Uses for a VA Renovation Loan:

  • Upgrading electrical, plumbing, or HVAC systems to meet current standards.
  • Improving home accessibility for veterans with disabilities.
  • Making energy-efficient updates to reduce utility costs and environmental impact.
  • Repairing or replacing roofs, gutters, and downspouts to protect the home from weather damage.
  • Updating kitchens, bathrooms, and other interior spaces to improve functionality and aesthetic appeal.

VA Renovation Loan Overview Table 

Here’s a chart detailing the specifics of VA Renovation Loans, providing clarity on what Texas veterans can expect: 


VA Renovation Loan 

Property Eligibility 

Most lenders allow for 1-4 Units, Condos; No Manufactured Homes, Leaseholds, Co-Ops, or Mixed Use 


Primary Residence Only  

Loan-to-Value (LTV) 

Up to 100% on Purchase, Refinance not available in Texas 

Minimum Credit Score 

Generally most lenders have a minimum credit score requirement 

Minimum Repair Amount 


Maximum Repair Amount 

Depending on the lender this can vary between $30,000  – $100,000. (Includes Contingency and Renovation-Related Fees) 

Contingency Requirements 

Usually a 10% Contingency Required 

Ineligible Repairs 

Tear down/razing of properties, New construction, Luxury items 

Allowable Repairs 

Cosmetic repairs, Structural repairs, Converting a one-family structure to multi-unit structure, Landscaping and site improvements, Repair/replacement of roofs, flooring, gutters, and down spouts (Many more repairs allowed not listed here. Please contact us for more information)

DIY Projects 

Not Allowed 

Additional Notes 

Value based on After Improved Appraised Value; Contractor payments managed through draws; No swimming pool repairs allowed 

This table above shows how the VA renovation loan can serve the diverse needs of Texas Veterans needing to improve the home they are wanting to purchase. It can be easier doing the renovation at the time of purchase vs waiting and doing it later. It can be difficult to pull your equity out of your home at a later date if your home does not have the equity needed to make the repairs. 

For personalized guidance and assistance in navigating the VA Renovation Loan process, reach out to Shirley Mueller and team. Shirley’s expertise in Texas VA loans ensures that veterans can maximize their benefits while achieving their home improvement goals efficiently and effectively. 

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