Texas Veteran Properties Allowed

The following table provides a comprehensive overview of the various types of properties allowed by the VA (Department of Veterans Affairs) for financing. Each property type is defined to help Texas Veterans understand their options when purchasing a home using VA benefits. From single-family homes to mixed-use properties, this table outlines the diverse range of housing opportunities available to Texas Veterans. Whether you’re interested in traditional single-family dwellings or unique living concepts like barndominiums, this guide aims to assist Texas Veterans in making informed decisions about their housing choices.
Property Type Definition
Single-family homes Detached residential dwellings designed for one family. Ideal for Texas Veterans looking to purchase a single-family home.
Multi-family properties (up to four units) Residential properties with two to four separate housing units. Great investment opportunity for Texas Veterans interested in multi-family properties.
Condominiums Individual units within a larger complex, each owned by separate individuals. Common areas are jointly owned. Suitable for Texas Veterans seeking the convenience of condominium living.
Townhomes Narrow, multi-story homes with shared walls between units. Each unit typically has its own entrance. Perfect for Texas Veterans desiring the space and privacy of a townhome.
Modular homes Prefabricated homes constructed in sections and assembled on-site. They are built to the same local building codes as traditional homes. A cost-effective housing option for Texas Veterans considering modular homes.
Manufactured homes Factory-built homes constructed on a steel chassis and transported to a site. They must be on a permanent foundation. Must be classified as Real Property. Affordable housing solution for Texas Veterans interested in manufactured homes. 
Barndominiums Combination of a barn and a condominium, typically featuring a living area within a barn-like structure. Unique living concept for Texas Veterans seeking a rustic yet modern lifestyle.
Acreage Land consisting of one or more acres, suitable for residential development or agricultural purposes. Opportunity for Texas Veterans to own spacious acreage for various purposes.
Cooperative units Multi-unit buildings where residents own shares in the cooperative corporation, rather than owning individual units. Cozy living arrangement for Texas Veterans interested in cooperative units.
VA-approved new construction projects Newly constructed residential projects approved by the VA for financing. Exciting opportunity for Texas Veterans to invest in VA-approved new construction projects.
Mixed-use properties (part residential, part commercial) Properties that combine residential and commercial spaces, such as apartments above retail stores. Versatile properties for Texas Veterans seeking mixed-use living options.

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