Texas Veteran Property Tax Benefits

Texas Property Tax Exemptions for Disabled Veterans

A concise guide detailing property tax exemptions for Texas disabled veterans, including eligibility, exemption amounts based on disability rating, benefits for donated properties, and specifics for surviving spouses and children. Essential for veterans seeking tax relief benefits.
Texas Veteran Property Tax Specifics


Exemption ComparisonThe disabled veteran exemption is not the same as the disabled person exemption. Qualifications differ, notably in the applicability to properties beyond just the residence homestead.
Eligibility CriteriaApplicable to veterans of the U.S. armed forces with a service-connected disability, classified as disabled by the U.S. Veterans’ Administration or the service branch, and must be a Texas resident.


Exemption Amounts


VA Disability Rating Texas Tax Exemption Amount (off the property’s tax appraisal value)
10% to 29%$5,000
30% to 49%$7,500
50% to 69%$10,000
70% to 100%$12,000
100% or classified as an unemployable individual from the US Department of Veteran Affairs 100% Exempt from paying Property Taxes


Property Donated by CharityDisabled veterans with less than 100% disability rating may qualify for an exemption on a homestead donated by a charity, proportional to their disability rating. Applies also to surviving spouses under certain conditions.
Surviving Spouse EligibilityUnmarried surviving spouses or children under 18 of a disabled veteran may receive a partial exemption. Spouses of service members killed or fatally injured in line of duty qualify for a total homestead exemption if not remarried. $5,000 exemption available for surviving spouses of members who died on active duty.
Deadline and Application ProcessDeadline is April 30, with the possibility to file after the deadline. Disabled veterans and their families have up to five years to submit applications for exemptions under Tax Code Section 11.22. Similar provisions apply for homesteads donated by charities. Applications must be submitted to the local appraisal district.
Proof of DisabilityA driver’s license or personal identification certificate is not valid proof of disability rating for exemption purposes. Proper documentation from the VA or the military service branch is required.

Monthly payment calculations using examples of different disability ratings:

Example: a veteran with a 100% disability rating purchasing a home valued at $500,000 with an interest rate of 6.25% on a 30-year fixed mortgage and $200 per month for homeowners insurance, the payment breakdown is as follows:
  • Monthly Principal and Interest Payment: $3,078.59 
  • Monthly Homeowners Insurance: $200.00 
Total Monthly Payment (excluding taxes): $3,278.59 Example: a veteran with a 60% disability rating—applying a $10,000 reduction off the tax appraisal of $500,000 and a tax rate of 2%—the monthly payment details are as follows:
  • Monthly Property Tax: $816.67 
  • Total Monthly Payment (Including Principal, Interest, Homeowners Insurance, and Property Tax): $4,095.25 
This calculation takes into account the property tax savings and adds it to the previously calculated total monthly payment, offering a more comprehensive view of the monthly financial commitment for purchasing the home. ​

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