VA Streamline Refinance Loan (IRRRL)

VA Streamline Refinance Loan (IRRRL)
Guide for Texas Veterans

As a Texas veteran, refinancing your mortgage through a VA Streamline Refinance Loan, officially known as an Interest Rate Reduction Refinancing Loan (IRRRL), can be a strategic way to lower your mortgage payment. This program is designed with the unique needs of veterans in mind, offering an efficient path to reducing your interest rate and monthly payment under certain conditions.

Key Features of the IRRRL Program: 

  • No Credit Report Required: One of the standout features of an IRRRL is that it typically does not require a credit report to be pulled, making the process smoother and quicker for you.
  • Interest Rate Reduction: To qualify for an IRRRL, you must be refinancing to a loan with an interest rate at least 0.5% lower than your current rate, which can lead to significant savings over time.
  • Simplified Underwriting Process: Generally, there’s no appraisal, no underwriting, and minimal documentation required, streamlining the refinance process.
  • Payment Decrease Requirement: The principal and interest payment on an IRRRL must be less than that on the loan being refinanced, with specific exceptions allowing for an increase.
  • Potential for No Out-of-Pocket Costs: The costs associated with the IRRRL can often be included in the new loan amount, potentially allowing you to refinance without any immediate out-of-pocket expenses.

How we Can Help:

  • Guidance Through the Process: Navigating the IRRRL can be complex. We offers expertise in explaining the requirements, benefits, and any exceptions involved in the IRRRL process.
  • Rate Quote Comparisons: We can provide detailed comparisons of your current loan versus potential refinance options, including a breakdown of how much you could save on your monthly payments and over the life of your loan.
  • Assistance with Documentation: While the IRRRL process requires minimal documentation, we can assist you in gathering any necessary paperwork and ensuring your application is complete.
  • Explaining Entitlement: Your VA entitlement plays a crucial role in the refinancing process. We can explain how your entitlement affects your refinancing options and guide you in maximizing your benefits.


For Veterans seeking to lower their mortgage payments, a VA IRRRL offers a beneficial and relatively straightforward path. With the expertise of our team, you can explore how an IRRRL might reduce your monthly expenses, ultimately providing financial relief or freeing up resources for other priorities. Our support can clarify the process, providing you with a clear understanding of your options and the potential benefits of refinancing through the program of VA loans in Texas.

Feature VA IRRRL Details
Occupancy Requirement Veteran or spouse of active service member must certify previous occupancy.
Credit Requirements No credit report required unless the loan is 30 days or more past due, or if the monthly payment increases by 20% or more.
Appraisal Requirements Generally not required, simplifying the process.
Maximum Loan Amount Existing VA loan balance + allowable fees and charges + up to two discount points + the cost of any energy efficiency improvements + the VA funding fee.
Interest Rate Must be lower than the existing loan’s rate (unless refinancing an ARM).
Monthly Payment Must be lower than that of the existing loan, with exceptions for ARMs, shorter loan terms, or inclusion of energy efficiency improvements.
Discount Points Reasonable points can be paid; only up to two points can be included in the loan amount.
Funding Fee Can be included in the loan. The VA funding fee is required at .5% unless exempt.
Cash to Borrower Generally not permitted except for reimbursement of up to $6,000 for energy efficiency improvements made prior to loan closing or adjustments at closing.
Loan Term The term can be the original VA loan term plus 10 years, not to exceed 30 years and 32 days.
Underwriting Streamlined process with minimal documentation; full underwriting only required in certain situations.
Automatic Authority IRRRLs can be closed on an automatic basis by any lender, simplifying the process.
This table provides a concise overview, by working with a VA loan specialists like us, we can help further clarify these points and assist in navigating the IRRRL process. We can offer personalized advice and support, including rate quote comparisons and guidance on maximizing your VA refinancing benefits.

VA IRRRL Eligibility with Changes in Loan Obligation

For Texas veterans who are considering refinancing their home loan through the VA Interest Rate Reduction Refinancing Loan (IRRRL) program, it’s important to understand how changes in your life and loan obligations might affect your eligibility. This table is designed to help you quickly assess whether an IRRRL might be possible for you when there’s been a significant change, such as marriage, divorce, or the death of a spouse. The IRRRL is a great option for veterans who want to lower their interest rate and monthly mortgage payment. However, eligibility can be complex, especially if the original loan’s obligated parties have changed. The table outlines various scenarios Texas veterans might encounter, indicating whether an IRRRL is possible in each case. Remember, this table provides a general overview. For advice tailored to your specific situation or to proceed with an IRRRL, you should consult with a VA loan expert like Shirley. She can clarify the details of the IRRRL process, assist with the application, and guide you through the refinancing journey to make sure you continue to reap the benefits of your VA loan entitlement.
Case Parties Obligated on Old VA Loan Change in Obligation Parties to be Obligated on new IRRRL Is IRRRL Possible?
1 Unmarried veteran Veteran gets married Veteran and new spouse Yes
2 Veteran and spouse Divorce Divorced veteran alone Yes
3 Veteran and spouse Remarriage of veteran Veteran and different spouse Yes
4 Veteran alone Veteran remarries Veteran and new spouse Yes
5 Veteran and spouse Spouse passes away Veteran alone Yes
6 Veteran and nonveteran co-borrower Co-borrower buys out Veteran alone Yes
7 Veteran and spouse Veteran passes away Surviving spouse alone Yes, if spouse was co-obligor
8 Unmarried veteran Veteran passes away Estate/heirs of veteran No (unless refinanced with a qualified veteran)
9 Veteran and different spouse Divorce and remarriage Veteran and new spouse Yes
10 Veteran and nonveteran co-borrower Veteran passes away Nonveteran co-borrower alone No
Our team is committed to helping Texas veterans navigate these changes and make the most of their VA benefits. We can offer rate quote comparisons and assist in obtaining the necessary documentation for an IRRRL. With our help, you can confidently approach refinancing, even as life’s changes affect your VA loan.

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