Shirley Mueller

Shirley Mueller

Branch Manager / VP of Veteran Lending Specializing in Texas Vet and VA Loans

Since 2003 Shirley has originated well over 3000 Texas Veteran and VA Loans. 

Shirley has been a big help to over 3,000 veterans in Texas since 2003, helping them with their home loans. She’s worked with veterans in all kinds of situations—those who are still serving and are overseas, those who are coming back home, and those who have finished their service and might be getting money from the military, disability, or social security. She’s also there for the wives or husbands of veterans who are taking care of buying a house or refinancing a loan for their family.
“My team and I really focus on helping veterans who want to buy a home for themselves and their families. Helping them is so rewarding. Meeting so many incredible veterans, each with their own story, gives us more reason to do what we do than just making loans. We’re helping real people who have experienced a lot.”

Besides Texas, Shirley is licensed and ready to assist veterans in California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland and Washington. Whether you’re in TX or any of these states, she’s got your back.

Shirley is a dedicated mortgage lender who loves helping veterans buy homes. She’s also a mother raising two teenage boys. They have a lot of fun together, especially when they go scuba diving, skiing, or cheering on their favorite teams at UT and Cowboys games. Her life is all about family, fun, and helping others!

She’s been recognized nationally for her work, being named one of the top VA Loan experts in the country by the Scotsman Guide and consistently ranking in the top 1% by the Mortgage Executive Magazine. In 2018, she was also named the Best Military Loan Originator by the National Mortgage Professional magazine.

Shirley’s originally from Dallas, Texas, and has been helping people with their home loans for 20 years. A lot of her business comes from people recommending her to others. She knows all about different kinds of home loans, but helping veterans with their VA Loans is what she loves most. She’s proud to help veterans buy their homes using the benefits they’ve earned, making a significant difference in their lives.

Shirley Mueller’s achievements demonstrate her exceptional expertise and dedication in the mortgage industry, particularly in servicing Veterans Affairs (VA) loans. Over the years, Shirley has consistently been recognized for her outstanding performance, accumulating a wealth of prestigious awards that highlight her commitment and success in helping veterans secure financing for their homes.

Key highlights from Shirley’s illustrious career include:

  • Repeated Recognition for Top VA Volume: Shirley has been frequently awarded for having the top VA loan volume, underscoring her specialization and effectiveness in the VA loan sector. Her recognition in the Scotsman Guide as a top VA volume originator for multiple years is a testament to her enduring excellence and impact.
  • Leadership in Women’s Achievement: Shirley has been acknowledged as a top woman originator by the Scotsman Guide, reflecting her leading position among women in the mortgage industry. This recognition not only underscores her professional accomplishments but also her role in promoting gender diversity within the sector.
  • Elite Performance Rankings: Her inclusion in the top 1% of mortgage loan originators by Mortgage Executive Magazine multiple times signifies her exceptional performance and places her among the elite professionals in the national mortgage industry.
  • Awards for Overall Excellence: Shirley has been named Loan Originator of the Year, highlighting her overall excellence and leadership in mortgage origination. Additionally, her induction into the Hall of Fame denotes a lifetime of achievements and her significant contributions to the industry.
  • Recognition by Veteran and Military Publications: Awards such as The Best Military Lenders and Originators from the National Mortgage Professional magazine further spotlight her commitment to serving those who have served in the military, recognizing her as a trusted and valuable resource for veterans’ mortgage needs.


More About Shirley Mueller

Shirley Mueller’s accomplishments span over two decades, showcasing her dedication, expertise, and leadership in the mortgage lending industry, especially in serving the veteran community. Her ability to consistently achieve high performance, combined with her recognition as a top woman in the industry and her numerous accolades, paints the picture of a professional deeply committed to excellence and to making a difference in the lives of veterans and their families.

Below is the last decade that highlights Shirley Mueller’s remarkable and consistent performance in the mortgage industry, particularly in VA (Veterans Affairs) loans, over the years. Her achievements are recognized by various prestigious bodies, indicating her excellence and dedication to serving veterans.

Awards And Recognition

  • 2023 President’s Club – Top VA Volume 
  • 2022 Chairman’s Circle – Top VA Volume 
  • 2021 Chairman’s Circle – Top VA Volume 
  • 2021 Top VA Volume – Scotsman Guide 
  • 2021 Top Woman Originator – Scotsman Guide 
  • 2021 Top 1% Mortgage Loan Originator – Mortgage Executive Magazine 
  • 2020 Top VA Volume – Scotsman Guide 
  • 2020 Top Woman Originator – Scotsman Guide 
  • 2020 Top 1% Mortgage Loan Originator – Mortgage Executive Magazine 
  • 2020 Chairman’s Circle 
  • 2019 Top VA Volume – Scotsman Guide 
  • 2019 Top Producer – Texas Veterans Land Board 
  • 2019 Top 1% Mortgage Loan Originator – Mortgage Executive Magazine 
  • 2018 Top VA Volume – Scotsman Guide 
  • 2018 Top Producer – Texas Veterans Land Board 
  • 2018 Top 1% Mortgage Loan Originator – Mortgage Executive Magazine 
  • 2018 The Best Military Lenders and Originators – National Mortgage Professional 
  • 2018 Top Women Originators – Ranked #144 
  • 2018 Loan Originator of the Year – 
  • 2017 Top 1% Originator – Mortgage Executive Magazine 
  • 2017 Top VA Volume Ranked #15 – Scotsman Guide 
  • 2016 Loan Originator of the Year  
  • 2016 Top 1% Mortgage Originator – Mortgage Executive Magazine 
  • 2016 Top VA Originator Ranked #65 – Scotsman Guide 
  • 2015 Top VA Originator Ranked #55 – Scotsman Guide 
  • 2014 Top Producer – Texas Veterans Land Board 
  • 2014 Hall of Fame Honor 

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