Crafting Your Home: The Ins and Outs of VA Construction Loans in Texas

It is everyone’s lifelong dream to own their own home. Sadly, building your dream home is the furthest thing from cheap. There is a way around this though.

By taking out a VA construction loan in Texas, veterans can construct or renovate their homes without spending thousands of dollars.

In this post, we will take a closer look at VA construction loans, from what they are, how to qualify, and how you can use them to build your home.

What Is a VA Construction Loan?

VA construction loans are short-term loans that allow veterans to construct a home. Veterans can also use the loan to buy an existing home and renovate it as they see fit. We offer VA construction loans and one time closes. Please contact Shirley Mueller directly to find out more details. 

Qualifying for a VA Construction Loan

The loans aren’t meant for just anyone. You must meet specific requirements for you to qualify. These requirements vary depending on when and how long you served.

For instance, if you are on active duty, you can apply for a VA loan when you reach 90 days of continuous service. If you aren’t on active duty, there are separate VA eligibility requirements you must meet.

How To Apply for a VA Construction Loan in Texas

Contact Shirley Mueller directly at 512-739-4011 and her and her team will walk you through the process. 

Get a Certificate of Eligibility

Shirley Mueller and her team will pull your certificate of eligibility online through the VA portal during the loan application process. 

Find a Lender

This step can be quite tricky. This is because not many lenders offer financing solutions for new construction. Also, there are other variables to keep in mind, such as interest rates and credit score requirements. Contact us directly to find out what we offer as far as VA construction loans go!

Find a VA-Registered Builder

You can’t work with just any builder. The contractor must be licensed, insured, and VA-registered. Usually, your lender will provide you with a list of builders already registered with the VA. Shirley Mueller and her team can help your builder become VA approved if he or she isn’t already.

Submit Construction Plans

Once you find a builder, you’ll need to submit the construction plans to your lender. The documents should describe the building materials, lot, and future home site.

Get a VA Appraisal

Your lender will conduct an appraisal based on the construction plans you submit. Afterwards, the VA will issue a formal Notice of Value, listing your home’s fair market value.

Once it does, your loan will move to closing and construction can finally commence.

Final Inspection

When your home is complete, the VA will conduct an inspection to ensure you built it according to the plans and specs you provided.

VA Construction Loans in Texas

Are you planning on building your dream home and need a bit of financial help? Reach out to Shirley Mueller today at 888-788-4977 and learn all you need to know about getting a VA construction loan in Texas.

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Shirley Mueller is a VA Loan and Texas Veteran Loan Specialist. Since 2003 Shirley has originated well over 1200 Texas Veteran and VA Loans and knows the details of each program.
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